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Support: Frequently asked questions.
  • How does the system work.
    The system is driven by 2 sets of algorithms.
    The 'X' algos go Short when 'K2' goes over 80%.
    The 'L' algos go Long when 'K2' goes below 20%.
    Filters keep the system in the market with the trend.
    'K2' is the stochastic.

  • Do I need a platform to use the system.
    The ATS-ZB32 is installed on your computer.
    The ATS-ZB32 is stand alone. No platform needed.

  • I want to try the ATS-ZB32. What do I do.
    Click on Free Trial and register to download.

  • How much does the ATS-ZB32 cost.
    The ATS-ZB32 is not for sale.
    You can get a Trading Lease after your Free Trial.

  • How much does the Lease cost.
    These are the Lease Terms and Conditions.

  • How much money can I make trading the system.
    This is a 5 year Simulator of Trading Profits.

  • What is the margin required to trade the system.
    You must have $10,000 for every contract traded.

  • How do I get the Lease.
    The Lease is avaiable to traders who can trade 10 or more contracts. You can start with less, say 5 contracts, reinvest the
    Profits to increase to 10 contracts ASAP.

  • How and when are the Lease payments made.
    The Lease is paid after your Free Trial and you decide to get the Lease. Then yearly. "ATS" will not keep reminding customers that a payment is due. The Lease will be cancelled without NOTICE.

  • How do I use the system.
    Run the system on Friday, after the market closes.
    You can also run the system on Saturday or Sunday.
    Follow all the Signals. Never second guess the System.
    Never over trade for a quick profit.

  • How do we use the system properly to make money.
    Run the system and follow all the signals.

  • How are the signals (BUY, SELL, etc.) transmitted to me.
    The system is installed on your computer.
    Run it on Friday after the close to get the Weekly Signal.

  • What markets does the system trade.
    The system only trades the 30 Year US T-Bond(ZB).

  • Can I use the system to trade other markets.
    You can also use the signals to trade the T-Notes(ZN).

  • Can the system be used to trade other markets, eg. Forex.
    The system only works with T-Bonds(ZB).

  • Do you need a special broker to trade the system.
    You can choose your own broker to trade the system.

  • Can the system be Auto Traded by my broker.
    The system can ONLY be traded by the customer.
    The ATS-ZB32 was created for the benefit of Traders not Brokers.
    It trades 2 to 3 times/year. Making over $20,000 /contract/year.
    Brokers have no incentive to trade the system, because it does not generate commissions.

  • Are there any extra fees to pay, other than the lease cost.
    No - there are no extra fees to pay.

  • What makes the ATS-ZB32 better than the ATS-3200.
    The ATS-ZB32 has a new function TREND.
    TREND makes the ATS-ZB32 almost Perfect.

  • What are Secondary Trades.
    Secondary Trades are BUY and SELL signals the system generates after the system goes LONG or SHORT for the first time. You can see them on the 'Multiple Trades' report and the Detail report.

  • Do you need to see my Broker's Statements.
    I may ask for it at some point to verify your trading.
    Once a month you have to inform "ATS" how many contract you are trading.

  • Developing a Long Term Trading System.

  • The Psychology of Trading.

  • Do you want to see Brokers Statements.
    I trade the System Myself.

  • If you need more help or have questions,
    Please contact "ATS".

To be a successful Trader, you have to be able to trade without the
Stress and Pressure of knowing what the market is doing on a Daily Basis.